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The Celsis 6250 is a versatile scanner for both mid-range and high-end scanning environments. Its color computer provides high-level control throughout the color spectrum.

Scanner Features

celis6250Celsis Advanced Scanner Control (CASC)
Fully automates original setup
20 x 28 Scanning Area
Concurrent Setup Feature
Allows scanning to continue while others are set up or edited
User-friendly Macintosh Interface
Default Settings for High-Quality Results
Handles even the most difficult transparencies
High-performance Optics and Interpolation Techniques

Celsis 6250 CASC Drum Scanners Fact Sheet

Fujifilm’s CASC (Celsis Advanced Scanner Control) offers ultimate versatility for its Celsis 6250 scanners. These units feature a color computer that provides improved control throughout the color spectrum with applications ranging from quick turnaround catalog work to fine art reproduction. Once the scanner drum is loaded with up to 150 originals, a single keystroke initiates the “Autocrop” sequence that automatically finds, crops and ranges every original on the drum. The operator simply needs to specify the final size, format and destination folder for each job to complete the process.


20″ x 28″ scanning area accommodates large-size originals or many smaller originals

CASC boosts productivity up to 40 percent and achieves the concept of ‘one-touch scanning’

Celsis 6250 with CASC incorporates C-dot technology that allows screened separations to be integrated into a digital workflow

Default settings help produce high-quality results from difficult transparencies

Surpasses limitations of other scanners with high-performance optics and interpolation techniques

Automatic features include Auto-aperture, Auto-focus, Auto-USM, Auto-calibration, Auto-cropping, Auto-ranging and Auto-negative detection

Images can be scanned and saved into many different file formats. The 6250 with CASC delivers low- to mid-range scans economically with minimum operator involvement

The Celsis 6250 with CASC is compatible with NuBus™ and PCI Macintosh

In addition to our copier support we also offer support for damaged machines. Whether your copier was damaged from an electrical storm or an Atlanta squirrel removal issue, we can help.